Eun Lee is an artist who is interested in electronic sculptures, interactive performances, and robot technology. Taking references from nature and unfamiliar parts of the world and reimagining them using digital and electronic forms, her works investigate and explore recurrent themes such as interactions and communications between works and audience.

After studying Communication Design at Samsung Art and Design Institute in 2009, she worked for D’strict, the digital design company in Korea as a digital contents planner and production manager. From 2009 to 2014 she participated in many new media contents productions and theme park planning’s. This included the world’s first digital theme park full of interactive attractions like holographic performances and augmented reality contents in Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea.

Currently, she is working in Seoul and London.




2018  Worked as a creative director for Interactive VR movie in Changfeng Ocean World Shanghai, with  d’strict & Merlin entertainment Asia, Shanghai, China

2017  Selected artist on Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture ‘First Art Support’ program

2017  ‘Playable city Seoul’ a part of Connected City of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, Cheonggyecheon, Seoul, Korea

2017  ‘문자와 인간(Character and Human)’, Yeocho Calligraphy Museum, Inje-gun, Korea

2016  Goldsmiths degree show ‘METASIS’, St James Hatcham Church, London, UK

2015  Goldsmiths degree show ‘Exception/0N’, St James Hatcham Church, London, UK

2014~2016 Goldsmiths, University of London, Computational Arts, MFA, London, UK

2009~2014 Worked for d’strict, Seoul, Korea

2009  Samsung Art & Design Institute ‘DIP(Design In Program)’ Exhibition, SADI Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2009  ‘6 people, 6 colors’, Essay published in Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Magazine ‘Culture+Seoul’

2009  Samsung Art & Design Institute ‘9RID’ Exhibition, DAILY PROJECT Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2007~2009 Samsung Art & Design Institute, Communication Design, Seoul, Korea