Do you like sea creatures?

Living in the weightless water, a different physical environment than our own, animals have designs you wouldn’t normally see on the land. Jellyfish’s fascinating appearance and unusual functions have been inspiring countless artists.

This artwork is inspired by Mertensia ovum, which has a crystal clear-transparent and LED-like bioluminescence with comb rows along its body, found living in unfamiliar Arctic waters. It’s mechanical body breathes underground and reacts to human and other movable things with its machine body.

Why don’t you try to come closer to the new creatures?

If you come closer to the breathing jelly, it changes its colour. And if you touch the tentacles of the small jelly swimming in the air, it will light up with your own electric power! Please walk through the art space and make your own story with the alien-like creatures.

If you felt the creatures look lonely and a bit empty,

The initial idea was putting many creatures and changing the whole environment to a fantastical world as below. If you are looking for an artist to create brand new fantastical space, please contact me.


5th January – 8th January 2019 @Gossamer Fog, London, UK